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Bob Moore, the founder of LITE GENIUS Flash Modifiers, has been in the photopgraphy business for over 50 years.

Starting as a photographic journalist, right out of school, in a major newspaper office, his photo editor constantly demanded consistency.

Bob's next phase in the business was with a large company in Calgary, AB, Canada, doing children and family home portraits, using a 4x5 view camera and hot lights. Again, because of the variations in settings with each sitting (unlike a studio), consistency was the key to delivering pleasing products to all of his many customers.

Expanding into wedding and event photography years later put even more demand for consistent results that could be delivered to the customer as promised. Re-shooting an event or a wedding is NOT an option!

The greatest challenge for delivery of consistent results came with the hiring of a number of other photographers to shoot under his business name.

How does one get consistent results from a number of different photographers, each carrying different equipment, each with different location challenges, and each with different skill levels?  Bob felt that great lighting would be the most important part of the equation, since photography means "painting with light".

Portable lighting for the event photographer usually means horrid, harsh, on-camera flash.  That was the beginning of the search for a common factor that would assure consistently  great results . . . under varying conditions . . . and it had to be simple!

After purchasing and trying dozens of portable flash modifiers, it was obvious most available units depended on bounced light coming back to the subject. (Bounced light is as inconsistent as the surroundings returning the light from the flash). Other units were adjustable, so inconsistency was built into their design. Still others wasted too much light, were too heavy and awkward to use, did not produce the same results in portrait and landscape modes . . . or just plain didn't help the inconsistent, harsh light from the flash. Many offered some good design and features, so the best that each unit had to offer was used to produce a brand new idea in flash modifiers.


The Lite-Scoop was born!


Light . . . weighs less than two ounces

Keeps the light higher than the lens in both portrait and landscape modes

Not a bounce card . . . does not depend on bounced light to come back to the subject

Works equally well with high ceilings . . . dark ceiling . . . and even no ceilings!

Loses less than 1-stop of light

Softens shadows and improves spectral highlights

Almost totally eliminates "red-eye"

Increases exposure latitude of flash by reducing harsh fall-off

Soft foam helps reduce damage to equipment caused by accidental bumps

Although we have strived to use the best materials possible for the product, and kept the manufacturing here in Canada for quality control, the real secret to the success of the Lite-Scoop Original, the Lite-Scoop 3 and the Super-Scoop 3 is that they deliver consistent results with any equipment combination, and with almost any skill level. Follow the simple directions for it's use and you are guaranteed consistent results on a professional flash photography level!

If you like consistent results . . . you'll LOVE the Scoop!!

We have been selling consistent results since 2004!!

Our 18th year supplying the world's best flash modifiers !


Now with new straps - double strength - non slip - triple secured


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