bride openi curtains sample with lite scoop
comparison photo of light fixture with and without lite scoop
woman and child with santa and mrs claus
woman with santa
two children in front of christmas tree
santa and mrs claus

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Our 18th year supplying the world's best flash modifiers !

Now with new straps - double strength - non slip - triple secured



I thought you'd like to see one of the shots I took last weekend with the Scoop
Michael Fine Art Photography Ltd.

Hey Michael... beautiful image. You'd never guess there was any flash used. Exactly what we all try to accomplish!

Hi Bob

Just received my LITE SCOOP today! Tested it and LOVE it! I've gotta say that I already love this thing! First impression, nicely packaged and looks like excellent quality materials and workmanship. Took 3 seconds to put on my flash. Nice and snug, it's not slipping around. Professional appearance, nothing that looks embarrassing that everyone at a wedding would stare at or the likes.
And then I did a quick test. The PROOF is in the pudding. This is a light fixture hanging from a ceiling. The light is off. LOVE IT!
Thank you Bob! I think you've got a winner with this product and you’ve definitely got my strong endorsement of it.


"Here you go, Bob.
These pictures were taken by me at my daughters workplace. They used to hire people to come with Mr. and Mrs. Santa to take the pictures of staff and their families. Two years ago my daughter invited me to come to watch the fun. I took my camera (Canon digital Eos Rebel XT abd 430 flash) along for fun. After seeing some of my candid shots the staff said they liked my pictures better, soooo, my daughter talked me into doing the photos at Christmas time. I volunteered to do them free of charge because for me its a fun thing to do, but they wanted to pay me something, so my daughter said to give me $100.00 which was fine with me.
So, this is the second year of my doing the Christmas pictures. It's a fun thing to do. The visiting room where I took the pictures is about 30x30 with 10 foot or so ceilings. I shot the pictures at ISO400 at f/5 and shutter speed at 125. I like to pick up some of the ambient light, especially from the Christmas tree. There you have it. The Scoop worked just fine. Oh yes, I set the flash at 2/3rd more power. I have nothing but praises for the SUPER -SCOOP.  It has my highest recommendations. I'll be purchasing the smaller size for different situations in a few weeks. Once again, I love the Scoop.
A happy and blessed Christmas to you and yours,


Nice work Gene... as good or better than a lot of "professionals". My bet is you'll get lots of compliments from your shoot.

Hey Bob, those reflectors I picked up from you are awesome!! I need one more. Worked great on my last wedding. Beautiful light!
White Chapel Photography

Thanks Ed . . . coming from a photographer with your experience and reputation is greatly appreciated!


Hello, Bob!
Jennifer here--I bought one of your reflectors a few weeks back and we had a lovely chat--remember me?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the reflector, by the way. Last week, I took some shots of a local artist\'s paintings for her portfolio (not on my site yet), and man, it was awesome to have that nifty little thing on the flash. It really does a beautiful job eliminating shadows for indoor shots of the kids, too--a big plus for me. Thank you so much!
All the best,

Hi Bob

You may be interested to know that I went home to England in August and went to a wedding where the photographer was using a lite scoop and we talked about it for ages, he was showing me the difference and it is truly great, so a wedding photographer in England is the reason why I am now buying one from America, isn't it such a small world? 
Thanks again, 

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