lite scoop portrait landscape
with and without lite scoop comparison portrait


Now with new straps - double strength

- non slip - triple secured

This image shows the difference in both the intensity and position of the shadows, with the flash on-camera, taken in portrait mode (vertical format), with and without the LITE GENIUS LITE-SCOOP.

The best results are achieved with the flash off the camera, but this requires an external flash cord or trigger, plus a light stand or assistant. All of these options are expensive and not feasible for the event/wedding photographer on the run.

The next option preferred by most professionals is a flash bracket which also requires an external flash cord or trigger, adds a lot of weight to the equipment, and throws off the camera balance since the heavy flash is usually quite a bit above the camera. The purpose of the bracket is to keep the flash higher than the lens of the camera. This forces shadows to drop behind and below the subject. Cost of a flash bracket and flash cord is about $200 USD.

Although your first choice should be to get the flash off-camera, if that is not practical under your shooting circumstances, a better, faster, lighter and less expensive option than a bracket set-up is available with the use of the LITE-SCOOP. No bracket is necessary to keep the flash higher than the lens in either portrait or landscape modes, and it weighs under two ounces!

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